Menstruation Beyond Gender: Know The Science Behind Menstruation (Episode 1)

In this exciting new three-part podcast series, Dinta, the host of the podcast, deconstructs menstruation from a queer perspective, giving the listeners fresh insights about an issue, that is unfortunately handled euphemistically in the Indian society. The first of these episodes is a monologue, while the rest of the two episodes invite guest speakers to speak on menstruation in their regional languages. 

In the first episode of this podcast, Dinta begins with the basics. What exactly is menstruation and why have Indians devised so many euphemisms to talk about it? Why there are so many societal taboos around menstruation? And the most important question, do all women menstruate? By decoding the biology of menstruation, the podcast explores the science behind this bodily function and explores the intersection of queer identities in and around menstruation.  The episode highlights the importance of using an all-inclusive language when discussing menstruation, which shouldn’t exclude anyone from the conversation whether the person is he, she, or they! 

Listen to this exclusive podcast, produced and hosted by Dinta Suresh as a part of the Likho Journalism Fellowship 2021 - A Humsafar Trust initiative.

About Dinta Suresh

Dinta Suresh (She/her), is a PhD scholar, intersectional feminist, and a typical Geminian. Having been an interdisciplinary scholar, she loves to explore various domains related to gender constantly. Her areas of interest are sexual and reproductive health & rights, gender & sexuality, and ethics. In addition to
academic work, she volunteers for a few organizations that work for LGBTQIA+ Community, menstrual health & rights, and gender-based violence. Learning is a part of her life, and she loves learning about new things.

Being a typical Geminian, she is very open to new experiences, meeting new people, and traveling to new places, and she loves to have long conservations with people. She also enjoys watching movies, crafting, and belly dancing, which she started to learn recently. She has also received a few international fellowships like DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), a training fellowship on Ethics (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, USA) and Empowerment Self Defense (Jerusalem, Israel) and Thailand.

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