Gentlemen's Cricket VS Homophobia

Kāl is a writer, photographer, and graphic designer who primarily works for non-profits. They work with an NGO in Palghar to fight malnutrition among children and women in remote tribal areas. They have studied Journalism and have a Post-graduate degree in Communication for Development. Kāl was previously a full-time writer for a news outlet. Their interests lie in social justice, ancient history, philosophy, and anthropology. The social causes they care about are gender equality, gender-affirming healthcare, marriage equality, and mental healthcare.
Being an introvert and queer, Kāl had trouble fitting into different spaces and social circles. However, they found solace in knowing and learning about history and literature. Kāl is an avid writer and a voracious reader. Kāl has been sharing their experiences, learnings, and musings through their blogs ( for over 6 years. Kāl finds calmness in watching television shows, reading books, exploring nature, and interacting with people.