Is it still UNNATURAL??


"It's just a western thought destroying our Indian culture."

"It is unnatural."

"Humans are just moving towards sin, nothing else."

"It's just to satisfy the lust."

"It's a mental disease."

These are the most common sayings in India that I'm sure we all must have heard of, right? But the main question is, is it really true? Is homosexuality really a disease which can be cured through prayers or therapy sessions? Is homosexuality really unnatural?                   

We always hear that non-humans don't engage in homosexual behaviour. But contradictory to popular thought, homosexuality does exist in animals. Yes, you read that right! In fact, not only animals but there are also some plants that exhibit same-sex behaviours. The term 'homosexual' is probably not politically correct for plants, but they do have bisexual and unisexual behaviours. Just because homosexual behaviour doesn't lead to reproduction does not mean that it's unnatural. It is nearly a universal phenomenon in both the animal and plant kingdom and in humans too.
According to University of Oslo zoologist Peter Bockman, nearly 1500 animal species practice same-sex coupling, including insects, fishes, birds and mammals. The Laysan albatrosses are known for their large number of homosexual relationships, and around 30% of pairings on Oahu island are made up of two females. Among giraffes, there's more same-sex than opposite-sex activity. In fact, according to different studies, more than 90% of all observed sexual activity in giraffes is same-sex activity.

Among birds, swans are monogamous and usually stay together for life. Around 20% of swan couples are homosexuals and start their families together. In some cases, they mate with the opposite sex just to have eggs, while in other cases, they adopt abandoned eggs. The most well-known homosexual animal is a dwarf chimpanzee, where the entire species is bisexual. 

Bison, Bonobos, Japanese macaques etc., are some of the species where homosexual behaviour is more common than heterosexual behaviour. Also, species like sea urchins and aphis, who never indulge in sexual activities at all, showcase asexual behaviour. As this list of animals clearly states—homosexuality is completely natural. The whole idea or argument over same-sex relationships being unnatural is just a backward mindset of human society.

Apart from this, Homosexuality was never illegal or a criminal offence in ancient India. Many ancient scriptures and sculptures portray homosexuality as completely normal behaviour, but it was criminalized by the British officers during their rule in India.

It's 2022, and homosexuality is still a taboo in India. People still discriminate against the members of the LGBTQ+ community. Cinema still stereotypically portrays gay men as girly and a lesbian woman as merely erotic. Most LGBTQ+ individuals in India still remain closeted, fearing discrimination and abandonment from their families and friends who might see homosexuality as shameful.

There's a common quote that says, "If being yourself is a crime, then freedom is just an illusion." So after all this, do you still think that homosexuality is unnatural?

About Manmeet Kaur

Manmeet Kaur is an art enthusiast, currently living with her parents in Nagpur, Maharashtra. She recently started working as a freelance writer and is also learning music (privately). Manmeet describes her personality as quite similar to a multipotentialite person. She loves to learn about new things and is always open to every kind of knowledge. She is also a social worker and voluntarily works with a few non-government organizations. In addition, she loves to take responsibilities, regarding various work and projects.

Manmeet enjoys everything she does and has a very positive attitude towards life.


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