Hatred In The Hallways

Souvik is a development professional with over a decade experience in working in creating safe nurturing spaces with and for young people .These spaces nurture young people from diverse backgrounds to build their agency and enable them to act, such that they become self-aware, deeply empathetic, socially responsible leaders.Souvik is the founder of People for Change which is a non profit based out of Jamshedpur Jharkhand working with children and young people to build critical skills to enable them to build their agency and become leaders.Souvik is also the founder of ' Jamshedpur Queer Circle' which builds safe empowering spaces that euip LGBTQ youth with skills and opportunities to emerge as leaders for the communy.Souvik has worked extensively with schools ,teachers,parents and Government in creating safe ,non judgemental spaces ,especially for LGBTQstudents within school systems .His work has impacted over 100,000 adolescents and over 20000 young people across the country Souvik is also the convener of Jharkhand Youth collective,which is a collective of NGOs working with youth and youth issues across Jharkhand.Souvik is also on the board of Commuting the youth collective and Vartaleap,a cross sectoral collective of over 150 organisations working on youth development.Souvik's interest lie in designing curriculums and working with young people to co-build self to society journies for them.He is an active advocate for reforms in curriculum and school systems to make education spaces for inclusive and safe for LGBTQ children.