Search for a home, despite not being homeless!

Hi, you!

I'm Darshan Savalia, a health tech entrepreneur, creator of a Storytelling community and core team member of Qonnect.

I am an wanderer. I grew up wandering the narrow lanes to vast mangroves I found my peace within this fabulous chaos called Mumbai.

My exploration took me from Engineering to the complex money making universe of Barclays Investment Bank, somehow I always found time to go and live in Indian villages. Learning, connecting, just being. It ultimately nudged me to work on my health tech startup that is making healthcare affordable and accessible.

Often as I quietly listened to people they would inspire through their lives. A penfriend battling cancer taught me what real resilience meant; a National Award-winning film director told stories for my nascent storytelling club. 

Listening made me empathetic and aware. It made me explore my inner self and privileged. Thus, I ended up being a core member at Qonnect, helping create a community.

I am looking forward to our expeditions together because remember not all those who wander are lost.