Queer Icon Series: Firaq Gorakhpuri (Ep 3)

This podcast episode is part of an exclusive new series titled 'Queer Icons', produced and recorded by Likho Fellow, Toshi Pandey. In this series, Toshi dwells deep into our past to excavate forerunners of Indian queer history--whether it be artists, poets, or writers. Talking about their achievements, artistry, and queerness- the series is an attempt to reclaim our queer past from a heteronormative history. 

In the third episode of the series, Toshi remarks about the maverick Urdu poet, Firaq Gorakhpuri--with interesting bits and anecdotes from his life. The episode explores Firaq's inspirations, his humor, and his lonely queer life--and a very interesting anecdote about his encounter with a thief in his house! Tune in to listen about this icon!

About Toshi Pandey

Toshi Pandey is an exhausted brown queer who is old enough to tell stories!

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