Now Match With LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses On Tinder

Dating app Tinder, queer collective Gaysi Family and small business aggregator Little Black Book have come together to ensure that the queer community is supported beyond the Pride Month. They have launched an initiative called Queer Made to provide a platform to businesses owned by members of the queer community. 

LBB, which features a curated list of small businesses from all over the country, has a special section facilitated by the Gaysi Family. This is a list of over a hundred varied products, services and businesses owned by people identifying within the LGBTQ+ umbrella. Tinder will match sales generated by Queer Made over a 10-week period and donate it to Born2Win, a transgender person-led organization working toward the empowerment of members of the transgender community through education and employment.

“At Tinder, we believe everyone deserves to feel seen, which starts with the ability to authentically be yourself. Given the pandemic and impact on our members we wanted Queer Made to be a meaningful initiative to give queer businesses a platform and to give our broader community  a way to extend their allyship," said Tinder India GM Taru Kapoor. She adds that Queer Made is a project that hopes to support thae community to further representation and the belief in possibility.

Gaysi Family founder Sakshi Juneja believes that it becomes even more critical today to share experiences of queer folx in the professional world to understand better the unique challenges they face. "Whether it is financial stability, or finding life’s purpose in the work they do – there is a growing need to examine closely the varied experiences of queer folx in the professional world and especially to make their stories reach audiences whose support is imperative to equalize the playing field," she says. She hopes that Queer Made will support and celebrate queer entrepreneurs in this regard. 

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