Queer Woman Gets Police Protection From Family After Approaching Madras HC

Madras High Court directed the police to protect a queer woman who approached the court after receiving death threats from her family owing to her sexuality. Police were also instructed to close any missing persons complaint against consenting LGBTQ+ couples filed by their families, citing a much-praised verdict of Justice Anand Venkatesh

The 24-year-old woman had approached the court last month pleading for police protection as she feared her family would resort to honour killing or cause her grievous physical harm. She also said in her plea that despite informing her parents that she had left her house in April on her own accord and being in touch over phone, the family filed a missing person report against her. 

The petitioner also revelaed that she was forcibly married to a man when she was 17. However, the marriage fell apart after she realised her sexual orientation. She alleged that she was subjected to physical and verbal abuse by her family members after this. Later, she found her now-partner and the couple is living together since April. Since then, the petitioner said she has been getting all kinds of threats from her family who allegedly also told her that they would rather not have a daughter than have "someone like her".

Directing the police to provide appropriate protection to the life and safety of the petitioner, Justice M Nirmal Kumar alos warned them not to harass the couple. He also cited an interim guideline issued in Justice Venkatesh's order that also contains a number of guidelines with regards to cases concerning same sex couples and queer community. 

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