Prep In India - A Webinar

What has been the journey of PrEP in India? In this webinar experts speak on the global progress in PrEP implementation, PrEP-related research in India, and the role of private healthcare providers in improving PrEP uptake.

Speakers: -

Dr. Kenneth Mayer, Medical Research Director, The Fenway Institute
Dr. Ishwar Gilada, President, AIDS Society of India (ASI) & Governing Council Member, International AIDS Society (IAS)
Dr. Seema Sahay, National AIDS Research Institute (NARI)
Dr.N.Kumarasamy, Chief & Director, VHS-Infectious Diseases Medical Centre, Chennai
Abhishek Desai, Community Representative on PrEP

Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani, C-SHaRP
Shruta Rawat, Research Manager, The Humsafar Trust

The webinar was organised By: - Centre for Sexuality and Health Research Policy (C-SHaRP) - Humsafar Trust - APCO Worldwide

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